How to Install Lawn Edging: A Step-by-Step Guide for Crisp Borders

Discover how to enhance your garden design with crisp and precise borders using plastic or metal edging strips. Installing lawn edging correctly is essential for maintaining erosion-resistant turf borders and keeping weeds and grass roots at bay. In this comprehensive guide, we provide clear and simple steps on how to install lawn edging, allowing you to enjoy tidy and well-defined garden borders for years to come.

1. Planning and Measuring 

Begin by marking out the border you wish to edge, whether it’s a new flowerbed or an existing one in need of refinement. Measure the border’s length to determine the amount of edging material required for your project.

2. Digging a Trench 

To accommodate standard in-ground edging, dig a trench approximately six inches deep along the entire border. For moist soil, a regular trowel or spade will suffice, but for dry soil, consider using a specialized border tool to achieve clean cuts without crumbling.

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3. Placing the Edging 

Position the edging strip in the trench, ensuring that the curved side faces away from the lawn. If the edging has a V-shaped lip, orient it towards the flowerbed. Cut the strip to size using a utility or serrated knife. When joining multiple strips, distribute the connectors evenly between both pieces of edging to ensure a seamless connection. The strip should sit in the trench, with only the top visible. This height prevents grass and weed roots from crossing into the flowerbed while remaining low enough to avoid interference with your lawnmower.

4. Securing the Edging 

Shift loose soil against the edging from the bed side, using your hands. Note that the edging may not lie flat against all the curves in your lawn. To ensure a secure attachment between the edging and the turf, pull down more soil and firmly stomp it into the edging using your feet.

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5. Hammering in the Stakes 

Starting three inches from the end of the strip, hammer stakes into the edging from the flowerbed side. Ensure the stakes are as close to a 90-degree angle to the edging as possible for stability. Place the stakes every seven inches along the strip, and if there are connections, position them three inches on each side of the join.

6. Compacting the Soil 

Push and stomp soil on the flowerbed side up to two-thirds the height of the edging strip. Fill any gaps on the lawn side with soil, as new grass will eventually grow to cover them. Water the soil on both sides to compact it further. Finally, top up with earth to ensure both sides are flat and level.

Conclusion: How to Install Lawn Edging 

By following our step-by-step instructions, you can achieve crisp and well-maintained garden borders with properly installed lawn edging. Enjoy erosion-resistant turf borders and weed-free flowerbeds by implementing the right techniques. For any further assistance or inquiries, please do not hesitate to get in touch. At Mile High Lifescape, we offer a wide range of premium lawn edging options, including natural, plastic, and metal varieties, to suit your unique garden design. Elevate your outdoor space with our high-quality products and let us help you create a stunning landscape that stands out. Browse our selection today and transform your garden with Mile High Lifescape.

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