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Are you thinking about an outdoor kitchen? You’ve probably noticed outdoor kitchens are becoming very popular lately, and it’s easy to see why. They offer a great way to bring loved ones together. Picture spending summer weekends enjoying delicious food with friends and family, all gathered around your outdoor kitchen. Don’t miss out!

Mile High Landscape services can turn this dream into a reality, and Mile High Lifescape offers services that can help you design a space reflecting your personality and bringing happiness.

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What is an outdoor kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen is a space designed for cooking and entertaining outside, featuring elements such as an island, pizza oven, built-in grills, food prep areas, and seating. It’s an ideal way to gather friends and family while enjoying the natural surroundings.

However, some homeowners prefer a more elaborate alfresco chef-style kitchen with high-end appliances such as an outdoor refrigerator, pizza oven, beer tap, or BBQ smoker, along with plenty of kitchen cabinets, countertops, and other finishes.

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5 different types of outdoor kitchens for your house

There are numerous options available for outdoor kitchens. Whether you want an open-air kitchen or a more traditional design with prep spaces and cooking utensils, there’s a perfect fit for your needs. Here are some of the popular outdoor kitchen styles available today.

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Designing a small outdoor kitchen is an excellent way to make the most of limited space and enhance your summer barbecues. With just a few essential elements, you can turn a compact backyard or patio into a cozy warm-weather haven. 

Small outdoor kitchens can be as simple or elaborate as you prefer while still making a significant impact. Utilize straightforward yet stylish décor along with cooking essentials like grills for convenient outdoor meal preparation. Adding some greenery can transform any backyard into an inviting spot to entertain family and friends throughout the year.

An L-shaped outdoor kitchen layout maximizes space and convenience for cooking and entertaining. The longer side fits built-in grills, ovens, sinks, and other appliances, reducing the need for extra storage. The shorter side provides countertops for food prep or serving, with room for accessories like utensil shelves, spice racks, and condiments. This setup is perfect for hosting guests and preparing meals efficiently.

An outdoor kitchen lets you cook and entertain outside, but it can sometimes clash with your garden's look. To blend it in, consider building your kitchen along a wall and enclosing it with garage-style or sliding barn doors, which can be closed when not in use. Alternatively, use ready-made outdoor kitchen cabinets that provide coverage when shut.

A modern outdoor kitchen is ideal for entertaining guests and enjoying summer evenings at home. Opt for stainless steel appliances and contemporary lighting with sleek finishes to create a standout, streamlined look in your backyard. Marble or granite countertops in neutral tones for your outdoor kitchen island offer a classic yet modern touch, providing ample space for meal prep or serving drinks. Add bar stools, benches, or other seating options to contrast with the clean lines.

Creating a luxurious outdoor kitchen has grown increasingly popular in recent years. To achieve a high-end feel, it's essential to include top-quality appliances and custom cabinetry. Investing in advanced cooking equipment, such as built-in grills and pizza ovens, will make your backyard living space both modern and efficient.

6 useful tips to build a budget-friendly outdoor kitchen

You want an outdoor kitchen to enjoy all its benefits, but it’s also important to keep costs affordable. Here are six tips to help you save money while still creating a beautiful outdoor kitchen. Tips will keep your outdoor kitchen budget-friendly.

Positioning an outdoor kitchen close to your house is more cost-effective than placing it further away. This is primarily because connecting to utilities like electricity and plumbing is much simpler, especially if you already have an outlet and water hose nearby.

Being close to your home also allows you to save on features like a sink and a full-sized fridge, either by reducing installation costs or by deciding they're not necessary outdoors.

Installing plumbing, gas lines, and electrical lines can be quite expensive, costing hundreds of dollars each, with costs rising the farther the kitchen is from your home. Building your outdoor kitchen close to the house can reduce these expenses, but there are also ways to eliminate them.

For instance, opting for a gas barbecue or charcoal grill means you won't need a gas line, saving you money on permits and professional installation. Similarly, instead of running a water line for a refrigerator, you can keep drinks cool in an ice chest or a drop-in cooler.

Rather than installing permanent countertops and appliances in your outdoor kitchen, consider using portable carts. These are more affordable and can be moved around as needed. You can even wheel the cart inside for easy cleanup. When the kitchen isn’t in use, simply store it away to save space.

Reducing the number of appliances in your outdoor kitchen can save you money, but you still want to have versatile cooking options. A multifunctional appliance, like a gas grill with a charcoal tray, offers a great balance. Fewer appliances also mean you can minimize counter space, which helps lower installation costs.

Leaving your outdoor kitchen exposed can lead to quicker deterioration or damage. Protect your investment by shielding your kitchen from the elements. The simplest way to do this is by installing it close to your home, where existing walls and roofs offer protection at no extra cost.

Alternatively, consider using an awning, a gazebo, or even a small and stylish barbecue gazebo to guard against the sun, rain, snow, and wind.

Designing an outdoor kitchen is an exciting project that can transform your outdoor living space and enhance your cooking experience. While DIY enthusiasts might be tempted to take on the installation themselves, hiring a professional offers numerous benefits. Professionals bring expertise and efficiency, ensure high quality and safety, and can even help you reduce costs.

Mile High Lifescape is your go-to partner for creating stunning outdoor kitchens that enhance your cooking and dining experiences.

Whether you're an avid grill enthusiast or enjoy hosting outdoor events, our skilled team will design and build an outdoor kitchen that caters to your needs and surpasses your expectations. Experience the joy of cooking in the open air, surrounded by nature's beauty, and make lasting memories with family and friends.

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5 reasons why you should build an outdoor kitchen

Are you stuck indoors preparing drinks and appetizers while your guests enjoy the outdoor fire pit? If you had an outdoor space, you wouldn’t miss out on the fun. There are numerous benefits to having an outdoor living, and whether you opt for a simple or elaborate design, you’ll find advantages in both.

Perfect for hosting guests

Outdoor kitchens are ideal for entertaining guests. As food is being grilled or cooked outside, your guests can gather around the grill and socialize while the meal is prepared. With mood music, proper lighting, and comfortable outdoor furniture, you can create a mini paradise for your guests to enjoy.

Keep odors outdoors

Cooking in an outdoor space keeps all the odors outside. Certain foods, like fish or deep-fried dishes, can produce strong smells that linger indoors and cling to furniture and clothing. By cooking outdoors, you avoid bringing these odors inside. In the summer, heat can intensify these scents, but being outside allows them to dissipate more easily, blending with garden aromas or neighboring scents.

Increases your home's value

A worthwhile investment for your home, offering a high return on investment compared to other outdoor upgrades. This is especially true when built with high-quality materials and appliances. These durable outdoor appliances are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, providing a lifetime of enjoyment and entertainment.

Expands living and entertainment area

An outdoor kitchen provides extra space for entertaining guests in a pleasant outdoor environment. It's a practical addition if you need more room to host friends and family. Pairing your outdoor living with lounge furniture or patio dining sets allows everyone to participate in food preparation, so no one is left inside alone.

Encourages more outdoor time

No matter where you live, an outdoor space lets you take advantage of the fresh air and enjoy the outdoors more often. In places with long winters, people especially cherish their outdoor time. Additionally, being outside is good for your health, as it has been proven to lower stress levels and reduce mental fatigue. If you love hosting lively parties or cozy dinners, an outdoor kitchen will simplify the process.

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