6 Benefits of Lime for Your Lawn

If you have friends or neighbors who have applied lime to their lawn and swear by the results, you may be wondering “what does lime do for lawns?” Lime reduces the acidity of the soil in your yard, which makes your grass grow stronger, greener, and healthier. Lime also promotes healthy microorganisms in your soil, introduces much-needed soil nutrients, and boosts the effectiveness of any fertilizers and weed killers you apply.

6 Benefits of Lime on Your Lawn Lime can seem like a miracle cure for ailing lawns due to all the benefits it provides. Here are the biggest positives of applying lime:

1. Greener Grass

Because lime balances soil pH, it allows grass to take in more nutrients from the soil. This results in greener, thicker grass with deeper roots. Your lawn looks better and becomes much more resistant to drought and heat.

2. Fewer Weeds

Many species of weeds thrive in acidic soil. By adding lime and reducing soil acidity, you make your lawn less friendly to weeds. Additionally, the boost in grass growth you’ll see after applying lime helps your grass thrive. As a result, your grass will choke out weeds and prevent new weeds from taking root.

3. Better Grass Seeding Results

Tired of seeding your lawn and only seeing a few sickly sprouts crop up as a result? By adding lime, you increase the nutrients available to grass seedlings. Wait 2–3 months after applying lime, to allow it to incorporate into the soil, then try seeding. You’ll yield far more grass seedlings per square foot of lawn after liming.

4. Healthier Soil

Lime adds calcium and magnesium to the soil, which are nutrients your lawn craves. Not only that, but the lower acidity and increased nutrients also promote strong microorganism populations in the soil, which maintain soil health and introduce additional nutrients your plants need.

5. Increased Thatch Decomposition

Thick thatch is the bane of a healthy lawn. It prevents water and nutrients from reaching the soil and inhibits grass seed growth. Too much thatch will throttle your yard. By adding lime to your lawn, you encourage natural processes that lead to thatch breakdown, further enhancing your yard’s appearance and health.

6. Better Results From Fertilizers and Herbicides

One of the telltale signs that a lawn needs lime is that fertilizers and herbicides seem to have no positive effect. Once you’ve added lime, your grass will be able to more efficiently draw nutrients from the soil. The next time you add fertilizer, your grass will really reap the benefits. Also, because you strengthen your grass and weaken weeds by adding lime, herbicides and weed killers are much more effective after liming.

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